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Brown and Teal

Mimbres, which means “willows” in Spanish, is the name given to a cottonwood- and willow-lined river in southwestern New Mexico. The very spectacular pottery found in and around the Mimbres Valley also came to be called Mimbres, and the name was soon applied to the people who made the pottery.  Michelle Hegmon & Margaret Nelson



The block pattern for this quilt is “Star of Destiny” published in 1906 in Practical Needlework for Clara Stone.  The applique in the upper left is a stylistic representation of large animals adapted from Mimbres pottery design.  The lower right design is a circ. 1920, from pottery in the middle Mimbres river area and represents whirlwinds.

The quilt is 56″by 56″.  Fabric is commercial batiks.  It is hand quilted and hand appliqued.  Finished in 2016



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Ma soeur française

“Great wine requires a mad man to grow the vine, a wise man to watch over it, a lucid poet to make it, and a lover to drink it.”Salvador Dali

When I was in high school (many moons ago!) our family hosted a French student for the school year.  I didn’t know much about the world beyond Iowa at that time and this was an incredible opportunity for my family to widen our horizons.  Jocy had lived many places in France, but her heart always remained in the regions of Beaujolais where her family had deep roots.  As we became young women, and our families grew, and we were both deeply involved in family and careers, we lost touch.  Many attempts were made to reconnect, without much success, until I opened up Facebook about a year and a half ago and had a “friend request” from my long lost friend.  What an incredible surprise!  Correspondence ensued and I just returned from spending 10 days in France with Jocy experiencing the part of France that she loves most.  Fall is an absolutely beautiful time to visit Lyon and the Beaujolais wine region of France.  Of course,  I’m a quilter and I spent days and days pondering what I could take to France that wouldn’t take up all of my luggage.  I found a wonderful fabric print of a world map and overlaid the map with a traditional celtic design.  Along the edges, I added four designs in seminole strip piecing to represent America.  The piece is hand appliqued and hand quilted. It measure approximately 28 x 46 inches.

2-1-1These show the seminole pieced border in more detail.

One of the most beautiful places that we visited was the medieval village of Pérouges.  Pérouges is a commune in the Ain department in eastern France. It is a medieval walled town that is perched on a small hill that overlooks the plain of the Ain River.  The town was was inhabited by craftsmen; mainly farmers and linen weavers. It was probably founded by a Gallic colony.  In 1167, the Seigneur d’Anthon famously shut the commune’s walls against the troops of the Archbishop of Lyon, and as early as 1236 the inhabitants earned communal freedom. In 1601 the town officially became French. Until the end of the 18th century, the textile industry in Pérouges boomed. (wikipedia)

The visit to France and the renewal of an old friendship was beautiful!


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Dreaming of Spring Again

dreaming 2The sky is gray, the atmosphere is very gloomy and it is so cold outside.  But I got some great news today.  My quilt that has been on loan to the “500 Traditional Quilts” tour is going to make it’s final appearance in the International Quilt Festival in Chicago from April 4 through April 7, 2016.  It was really exciting to get this news.


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Winter has come!

“I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently? And then it covers them up snug, you know, with a white quilt; and perhaps it says “Go to sleep, darlings, till the summer comes again.”
Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass


1 - 1 (2)

This morning I woke up to this scene in my backyard!

My quilt guild has an annual quilt challenge and show in December.  This year the challenge was to take a picture from nature and use the colors in the picture to create a quilt.  It didn’t have to be a copy of the picture by just the colors from the picture.  I had taken a picture last winter of a leaf desperately hanging on to a branch after the first snow.IMG_0281

The quilt is approximately 40 inches by 26 inches.  It is hand appliqued and hand quilted.  The picture frame border is  finished with a piping edge and the center design is outlined with double piping.

1 - 1


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Bird in Hand

“Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.”  Henry Van Dyke

1 - 1 (1)

This is developed from a pattern by Laura Heine, who has a lovely collection of patterns that she has developed.  If you love animal patterns, be sure of check out her website at fiberworks-heine.com.   This particular pattern is called “Bird in Hand”.  The background is a selection of indigo and tan batiks.  The birds are offset in bright Kaffe Fasset fabrics highlighted with contrasting and complimentary batiks.  The birds are hand appliqued onto the blocks.

1 - 2

The birds and flowers are then enhanced with fancy machine stitches.

1 - 3The quilt in 70×70

1 - 5The quilt does not have a traditional binding, but has a knife edge with facing to the back.

1 - 6The quilt was then hand quilted to finish.

Finished 2015.



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Dancing with the Faeries

Watch for faeries that “kidnap good looking men and women, stealing them away to the Otherworld realm where pain and suffering are unknown, and music and feasting the perennial occupations.  On moonlit night in open spaces mortal captives may be seen dancing with faeries….”  Juliette Wood


I’m fascinated by ancient art, especially the designs used by the Celts.  This is adapted from a 4th century BC stone carving.  The central design is hand appliqued onto a single piece of multicolor commercial batik.  All the fabric is commercially made batiks.  The designs in the corners are adapted from 1st century BC spiral designs

This one is “Lakenheath”


This is “Brentford”


This is an unprovenanced spiral


And the last one is “Cornalaragh”

The quilting is done by outline quilting the designs and echo quilting around the patterns.

The quilt is about 58X58 inches.  I used an 80/20 Winline batting and used Superior King Tut variegated threads for quilting.


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Sometimes the best way to learn a lesson isn’t just hearing the words, but putting it into practice by experimenting with it and finding its truth for yourself instead of taking someone else’s word for it.” 

― A.J. DarkholmeRise of the Morningstar

I’ve been away for awhile- – –   Life calling….

I found this wonderful square,  designed by Laura Wheeler and published in the ‘Cincinnati Enquirer’ in the 1930’s.  It’s called ‘Hidden Flower’.   I really wanted to see how it fit together and how it assembled.  So by digging in my stash,  I came up with some possibilities and put together a couple of Blocks. 


The quarter circles were large enough to add some machine and hand appliquéd highlights.  Now to translate this into materials for which I actually have enough yardage. . . . 

The piece is 26×52″.  It looks like the color is draining out of the bottom.  Haven’t decided on a name.  Any suggestions?

It is also hand quilted


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