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Tesselations are repeating designs frequently used by quilters. One of the most common ones is the apple core. Jinny Beyer Jinny Beyer uses tesselations in her designs frequently. She takes the basic tesselating shapes and breaks those up into shaded pieces. She also describes how to make a tessellation by taking a basic shape, for example, an equilateral triangle, cutting a portion out of one side and attaching it to the other side. That creates a unique tesselating shape. My first experiment with creating a tesselation was using a triangle.


I appliquéd the tesselations to a plain top because I didn’t have a clue how to finish the edges!
Each shape was further subdivided into shaded colors.

Size: 45×60
Finished: 2011
Hand appliquéd and hand quilted

I tried my hand at a triangle again using a slightly different cut.


To this I added a stenciled dragon using shiva paintstiks.


Size: 22×22
Finished: 2011
Hand quilted

I really liked the effect that this tesselation gave , so decided to make it into a larger quilt.


Someone asked me at my quilt guild what I was going to do with it. I guess it wasn’t shaped to fit on a bed. That really hadn’t occurred to me, I just made it to make it!

Size: 54×54
Finished: 2011
Hand and machine quilted
Hand appliqué in center.


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