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Fibonacci sequence and quilting

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”
Mother Teresa

The quilt guild that I belong to is very involved in making quilts and other items for charity.  We support several local non profits – Family Promise, YWCA, school districts needy program, provide quilts for police officer and fire vehicles for frightened children.  We have local businesses that donate fabric and also have individuals that donate to our group.  I recently went “shopping” at the guild’s stash and picked up several yards of fabric to make some quilts.

I have been wanting to try out a quilt designed around the Fibonacci sequence.  1, 2, 3, 5, 8.  These probably weren’t the most ideal fabrics, but the process was still fun and creative.  I carried the 2 and 3 over into the border also.




The top is 55×72 inches and was machine pieced.  I still have several yards of these fabrics left, so I will have to devise a way to put them together!



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Right Brain, Left Brain, Frontal, Temporal?

During my long walk this morning I listened to a podcast that talked about the right brain and drawing, and more generally just how the brain sections interact to spark creativity.  It’s such an interesting topic to think about how neurons and chemicals interacting can cause such wonderful things to happen.  So I’ve decided to look a little at my latest creative process.

I’m fascinated with tesselating shapes.  I think of it kind of the same way as neurons and neurotransmitters interacting.  I’ve been studying Jinny Beyer’s quilts and her book about tesselations.

square designThis is a quarter of the square and the templates created from that square.

templatesThe next job was fabric selection, cutting and sewing together.  Then the magic starts!

overall designNext come uneven borders in the eggplant color that will be enhanced with applique.

applique patternThe pattern was transferred on to the dark fabric by using a lightbox and going over the design on the reverse side of the fabric with chalk.  The applique fabric is then basted on to the right side of the fabric from the design on the wrong side ( now that takes some brain power!)

prep appliqueThe applique design begins to emerge as the fabric is cut away and hand appliqued on to the front of the border.  Voila!

applique emergingSo that’s what my brain has been doing this week!  The exercises have been great!  Happy Brain exercising to you too!


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Crouching tiger, hidden dragon

“But I’ll always love you, and I’ll always miss you and I’ll never forget that It’s okay to put dragons in the jungle and tears on a tiger”
Sharon M. Draper, Tears of a Tiger

tigerdragonThis is a commissioned piece  for a friend.  The request was for a piece with their astrological signs and the yin and yang.

Machine applique, hand quilted,

Shiva paint stiks used to stencil the stripes on the tiger, chinese symbols and details on the dragon.

Size – 47″x35″

Finished 2013

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Water Lilies

“I think that the best kind of change, is the change that comes from the inside and begins it’s way out until it emerges on the outside; a change that is born underneath then continues and spreads until  it has reached the surface.  That’s a true change.  A powerful change. And I have found that while we are emerging, changing into something glorious; it is actually us becoming who we really are.  A water lily is born underneath the water, inside the soil at the bottom of the river or lake.  And the water lily has always been a water lily for that whole time that it was sprouting out of the wet soil, reaching up through the dark water towards the sunlight, stretching and grasping for the surface; where it then buds and blooms on the outside in the sunshine.  It doesn’t bud and bloom on the surface and then try to reach down below into the soil.”  – C. JoyBell C.

This is not my usual MO.  I usually finish a piece before I share it.  But I really like this one.  I love the colors and I love the depth…20130327-012100.jpg

Details of size, etc. will have to wait until it is complete!



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Sunrise Sunset

After a month of the poorest air quality in the United States, I woke up this morning to blue sky, clear air and could see both sets of mountains from here in the valley.  I went out on the porch to soak up some good vitamin D and take in the wonderful view of the snow covered mountains. It didn’t last too long.  It is now completed clouded over and the snow is starting while the icicles continue to drip from the eaves.

This brought to mind the thought of  this quilt.  The compass/sun is split into opposite corners with the flowers appliqued down the center.  sunrise sunset

So now its back to imagining the sun once again.  I hope the next inversion doesn’t last as long as the last one.  Although staying inside has the upside of letting me quilt and dream!

Finished: 2009

Size: 54×54

machine pieced, hand appliqued, hand quilted

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Tumbling blocks and Dragonflies

One of the great joys in life is welcoming grandchildren into your life.  In them you can see the flickers of all those around them.  It’s miraculous to watch your own children grow, but watching the next generation simply takes your breath away.  Creating  a new quilt offers the chance to focus on that new life and all of its possibilities.

dragonflies copyThis quilt was created for the first grandchild.  It was inspired by the dragonfly fabric and enhanced with the tumbling blocks.

Finished: 2003

Size: 54×54

Machine pieced, machine appliqued, hand quilted

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Splash of color for a cold, gray winter day

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”
John Steinbeck

It feels like the inversion has set in permanently.  It is cold, gray and the air quality is terrible.  The jays have finally ventured out to steal peanuts from the railing on the back porch, but the other birds are still hiding.  I’ve been hiding too, trying not to breathe the nasty air and immerse myself  in color and music in my sewing room.

TurquoiseIn rearranging things while cleaning up from Christmas and get my new quilt racks filled up (a gift), I ran across this quilt and the color helped light up the room.

turquoise detailQuilting detail on the back of the quilt.  It was hand quilted with turquoise thread on the red back.

Size: 50X60

Finished: 2005


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