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The Children of Lir

Many years ago in ancient Ireland lived a King and ruler of sea called Lir. He had a beautiful wife, called Eva, who gave him four children – eldest son Aodh, a daughter called Fionnula and twin boys, Fiachra and Conn. When children were young, their mother Eva died. Lir and children were very sad, and King wanted a new mother for his young sons and daughter, so he married Eva’s sister Aoife who, it was said, possessed magical powers.

Aoife loved children and Lir at first, but soon she became very jealous of time that King spent with Aodh, Fionnula, Fiachra and Conn. She wanted to have all of his attention for herself. One day, she took children to swim in a lake while sun was hot in sky. When they got there and children took to water, Aoife used her powers to cast a spell over children, which would turn them all into beautiful swans.


This quilt represent the story of the “Children of Lir”.  The fabric in the center of the quilt is hand dyed.  The orange and yellow fabric in the border represents the burning jealousy of the step mother.


The knotwork represent the children that were turned into swans.


The illusion of the step mother is painted on the fabric with Paint Stik.

The quilt is machine and hand quilted and is approximately 56in x56 in.




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Adding and Subtracting

“For life to be meaningful, add a little sacrifice, subtract anger and hatred, multiply friends and divide love for everyone to share.” unknown

This quilt started with the block “Shooting Star” first published in 1897  with the Ladies Art Co.



This block goes diagonally down the quilt.  On each side of this set of squares, a single element is added or subtracted from the original block.

adding160 x 60 inches

machine pieced, machine quilted

adding2Backed and bordered with striped shot cotton in coordinating colors.  This will be a birthday gift for a very special person!


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Falling leaves and changing dimensions

“You expected to be sad in the fall. Part of you died each year when the leaves fell from the trees and their branches were bare against the wind and the cold, wintery light. But you knew there would always be the spring, as you knew the river would flow again after it was frozen. When the cold rains kept on and killed the spring, it was as though a young person died for no reason.”
Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast

Fall has come and for me it brings a changed dimension to my life.  My mother has recently passed away and I find myself the oldest one left in my family.  I guess that means I must take on some of the crone or matriarch.  Right now I’m feeling more crone like than wise like a matriarch. Like spring that I know will come, my joy now comes from my children, niece and grandchildren!

I’ve gotten way behind on my hand quilting.  Too many quilts ready to go and not enough time to quilt them.  So I decided to do some machine quilting.  Last spring my quilt group had a several day retreat and one of the women  was working on a couple of seminole pieced quilts.  It gave me the itch to try one out on my own.  So here it is!

seminoleIt is 56×72 inches.  The fabrics are mostly batiks with the addition of some others.  It is machine quilted in the ditch. The hand applique designs on the edge are adapted from a Menominee pattern.

seminole2I used a wool batt so it is quite puffy!



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Quilting for others

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”
Maya Angelou

I meet with a wonderful group of women around the topic of quilting.  We all love to do it and all have a larger vision of the world than just quilting.  Therefore, as a group we are deeply involved in quilting for causes, as well as quilting for the love, satisfaction and need of it.  We have several groups that we are involved with including Family Promise, YWCA.  Currently we are working with several other guilds in the state to provide quilts to peace officers for children in stressful situations.  We meet weekly at a local church and we donate a quilt to the church for their use.  Sometimes they have someone special in the church they want to recognize and sometimes they have a raffle to raise money.  This year, this is the quilt that we are donating.  I made the top, a friend of mine in the guild, machine quilted it and returned it to me for binding.  It is ready for the next phase of its life.



It is about 65×80.  Machine pieced, machine appliqued and machine quilted.

charity2The applique pieces are satin stitched with Sulky rayon thread.

charity3The free motion quilting was done by a friend in the guild.


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I Dream of Flowers

I have had an urge for awhile to try my hand at circles (horrors!). How to draft them, how to use them – – – all a quandary! The batiks were purchased at Aunt Ruth’s Quilt Shop in Sharonville, OH and Quilts Etc, in Salt Lake City, UT. The flowers are hand appliqued onto the light batik fabrics then machine appliqued onto a colored square. The flower designs come from a Dover design book of royalty free designs. The contrasting circles are also machine appliqued using a double blanket stitch with variegated Sulky rayon threads onto a contrasting fabric. The quilt is finished envelope style with a dark piping on the edge. The quilt is hand quilted. Since doing this I am exploring other circle designs. I’ve discovered a wonderful tool “Ranae’s Amazing Rays” tool sold by Ranae Haddadin from her shop in Salt Lake City. It makes drafting a charm!
Size: 50″x60″

Finished: 2011

Material: Variety of Sulky rayon threads for machine applique. Superior-King Tut thread for hand quilting.

Material purchased at Aunt Ruth’s Quilt Shop

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