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Our Creative Country

“Keep music and art alive in our schools because the greatness of a country is not measured by wars that are won, by territory annexed or even the size of a deficit. It is measured by the beauty of the art work by talented hands, the sounds of the music created from the heart and by the wonder of the eyes and ears beholding them in joy. Art and music are the windows of the soul of any country. The greater the art created, the greater the country.”
Clarrissa Lee Moon

I’ve had the privilege over the last month to travel from the Atlantic to the Pacific.  We truly live in a great and beautiful country.  I was also reminded by all the beautiful people that I met that what we have and live is so much more than just the headlines were see everyday.  The musicians and artists I spend time with and the works of art all over are country are not to be trifled with.

atlantic 2 atlantic 1Atlantic Ocean at Virginia Beach,  Rullee Inlet

kiteI had the opportunity to visit “Thimble Pleasure Quilt Shop” in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  What a light infused beautiful open quilt shop.  It was a pleasure and thrill to spend a couple of hours wandering their shop.  I was introduced to a quilter that I was not familiar with but fell immediately in love with – Sue McLean or  What she does with modernistic design and color is amazing.  We were also able to visit the Weaver street Market which had wonderful natural food.

Then it was on across the country to the Pacific.  Sunset at La Jolla Cove

PacificLa Jolla Beachpacific 3During the Pacific trip, I got to visit the UCSD campus and see some of the great art that they have assembed on that campus.  This is the “Fallen Star” house that is built on top of one of the engineering buildings on campus.

Fallen StarThis shot taken from near the Theodore Geisel library, which is an artpiece in its own right.fallen star 2The house as viewed from the 12th floor.fallenstar3

We need to not forget the art  and artists all across this country that make our country so much richer to live in!


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