Dancing with the Faeries

Watch for faeries that “kidnap good looking men and women, stealing them away to the Otherworld realm where pain and suffering are unknown, and music and feasting the perennial occupations.  On moonlit night in open spaces mortal captives may be seen dancing with faeries….”  Juliette Wood


I’m fascinated by ancient art, especially the designs used by the Celts.  This is adapted from a 4th century BC stone carving.  The central design is hand appliqued onto a single piece of multicolor commercial batik.  All the fabric is commercially made batiks.  The designs in the corners are adapted from 1st century BC spiral designs

This one is “Lakenheath”


This is “Brentford”


This is an unprovenanced spiral


And the last one is “Cornalaragh”

The quilting is done by outline quilting the designs and echo quilting around the patterns.

The quilt is about 58X58 inches.  I used an 80/20 Winline batting and used Superior King Tut variegated threads for quilting.



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3 responses to “Dancing with the Faeries

  1. I love the ancient spirals and the addition of the yellow in the center. Fascinating quilt!

  2. Another gorgeous piece Nan!!!

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