Quiltwalk – Wide World Blog Hop

I was asked by a good friend to participate in this blog hop which I am happy to do.

On to the Questions – – –
1. What I am working on . . . Recently I have been exploring more vibrant colors. I have always loved jewel tones, but especially this one is a step beyond jewels. I loved the background fabric the minute I saw it and it has been on my table waiting for inspiration for a couple of years. I recently got the book “APP is for Applique” by Diane S. Hire. I love the way she had the same designs interpreted by various artists and how different they all looked. I also used a Chinese Porcelein book as ideas for many of the pots and flowers.


2. How does my work differ from others of its genre… I haven’t figured out what “my genre” is yet. I love the history and traditional quilt blocks and also often combine those with more contemporary applique or in new colorways or ways of setting them.


3. Why do I write/create what I do… Because I can, because I must, because it is an expression of who I am, because it brings me peace, because it makes me learn new things, because it makes me stretch my boundaries, because it keeps me centered, because I meet great people!


4. How does my writing/creative process work… It works all the time, waking and sleeping. I’m always finding inspiration and ideas everywhere I look, a book, architecture, music, nature, a flash of color, a book, etc etc. Sometimes I do detailed planning, but most often the ideas just grow.


This particular piece started with the glorious fabric. Then I wanted to incorporate some of the fancy stitches that were available on my sewing machine, you know the ones that never get used. . . It is just another one of my flights of fantasy. It is machine appliqued and hand quilted.



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4 responses to “Quiltwalk – Wide World Blog Hop

  1. That is a glorious colour, and the applique is simply wonderful. A really beautiful quilt, and thank you for sharing your process with us.

  2. Hello, love the quilt! Fabulous use of colour!

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