“Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.”
― William Shakespeare, Shakespeare’s Sonnets

I’m feeling the changing of the seasons in my bones. The nights are cooler, the heat less intense, people are settling into routines again, leaves are starting to change on the side of the mountains.

I’m starting to think about new projects. This is one that is just completed.cornucopia1

Machine applique, hand quilted

cornucopia 3



50×70 inches
Completed – summer 2014
The square is “Lillian’s Favorite” by Clara Stone published in Practical Needlework, ca. 1906


Filed under applique, batiks, hand quilting, historical quilt block

6 responses to “Cornucopias

  1. Very beautiful… and I know what you mean about the season change, but here, we’re heading the other way, into another brazen summer and torrential Wet season. I’ve been grateful for the moderate winter temperatures and the relief from humidity!

  2. deemallon

    How pretty… so much movement and yet a peaceful feel!

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