More Quilt Tops for Charity

“Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.”  St Francis of Assisi


Our state quilt guild is making quilts for children in foster care that have little chance of being adopted.  They often have nothing of their own.  The guild would like to give bed size quilts to these children so that they have something to call their own.  My local chapter met on a Saturday to start work on some quilts for this project.  We had fabric donated from members and from a local quilt shop.  There was a huge piece of the yellow/gold plaid that one of my friends affectionately referred to as Archie Bunkers chair fabric.  I grabbed that and a big stack of outdoor themed 6 1/2 inch squares and went to work.  We decided to focus our attention on 7-14 year old boys.   This first quilt had outdoor themed fabrics including feathers, kokpelli’s and quilt a few oranges and browns.  I chose a coyote howling at the moon to adorn this one with.

bear mooseThe second had a camping theme with bears and moose.  The fabric included more greens and burgundies.  A friend had stencils for bears at the top and moose at the bottom.

owlThe last were 6 1/2 inch squares of what was left and still some Archie Bunker fabric.  I chose an owl and animal prints for this one.

And best of all, there was only about 3 inches of the yellow/gold fabric left!






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9 responses to “More Quilt Tops for Charity

  1. That is such a neat project!!!! And I really like what you have created!!!! I am sure all will be blessed with these!!! Hugs……………….

  2. Well done, you’ve created three quilts that will be loved to bits, and you’ve made good use of that huge piece of slightly dubious fabric. My personal favourite is the coyote…

  3. I think it’s tricky to make quilts for boys, but these look perfect! And it’s such a wonderful feeling to USE UP a big piece of fabric.

  4. You couldn’t have done better by such dubious fabric. You gave it three homes. Those animal themes are great! Three boys are going to be very happy!

  5. How wonderful! Our guild makes quilts for those in need, too. I think I may steal your idea of making simple backgrounds then embellishing with applique.

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