A New Challenge

Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions. ~Oliver Wendell Holmes

I recently purchased a new book, “Painted Applique: A New Approach” by Linda M Poole, published by AQS.  I had also purchased some Derwent Inktense pencils after seeing what some people are doing with surface design on fabric.  Linda has a great section with clear directions on how to use the pencils.  These designs are from her book and the squares are from her book also.

painted appliqueThis is a small piece, approximately 20 x 42″.  The background fabric is commercially manufactured batik.  The birds and dragonfly are painted on plain fabric and appliqued to the squares.  I really appreciated Linda’s clear directions and her patterns are fun too!  I will definitely add these tools to my arsenal!

Finished Mar 2014, hand and machine appliqued, hand quilted



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11 responses to “A New Challenge

  1. I am so loving that!!! I’ve been thinking about how much fun it would be to add color to some of the whole cloth stitching I do. I am not all that familiar with Inktense pencils. Will have to investigate for sure!!! Thanks so very much for the great post!!!!!!!

  2. Jo

    Beautiful. Does this get a medium sealer after coloring?

  3. Wow! You have really taken to the new skills with Inktense. I have their watercolor pencils (so fun and easy!) but haven’t tried these — yet! B-U-T-ful quilt!

  4. I love it how one can combine so many different skills into a quilt. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. These are beautiful, and your skill is astounding. (I never got the “drawing gene.”) I loved see in them, and was happy you put a big photo on so I could click on it and see it closer up. Really, really lovely!

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