The Power of Three

“Triplication run like a leitmotif throughout the Celtic world….  the number three has the ability to intensify power and to unify diverse experiences into a whole…..These carved faces look to the past, the present and the future simultaneously, and any group of three images linked together in this way embodies the all-embracing nature of Celtic wisdom.”  The Celtic Book of Living and Dying by Juliette Wood.



panel 26 x 60

hand quilted, hand applique and machine applique

finished 2014





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9 responses to “The Power of Three

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on Knot Quilt Almost Done. I see you like Celtic knot work too. Lovely design with interesting use of print fabric. The blue really set off the center medallion nicely.

  2. I like your quotes before each post. Your Power of Three is beautiful! I love all the applique. I will remember your idea of “three”…lovely. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments.

  3. Hello… thank you for visiting my blog… now I am here… and … wow! It’s astonishing, beautiful… I’m speechless… Your appliques are so phantastic and artful… really great and very unique.

  4. Out of this world masterpiece – very beautiful!

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