Right Brain, Left Brain, Frontal, Temporal?

During my long walk this morning I listened to a podcast that talked about the right brain and drawing, and more generally just how the brain sections interact to spark creativity.  It’s such an interesting topic to think about how neurons and chemicals interacting can cause such wonderful things to happen.  So I’ve decided to look a little at my latest creative process.

I’m fascinated with tesselating shapes.  I think of it kind of the same way as neurons and neurotransmitters interacting.  I’ve been studying Jinny Beyer’s quilts and her book about tesselations.

square designThis is a quarter of the square and the templates created from that square.

templatesThe next job was fabric selection, cutting and sewing together.  Then the magic starts!

overall designNext come uneven borders in the eggplant color that will be enhanced with applique.

applique patternThe pattern was transferred on to the dark fabric by using a lightbox and going over the design on the reverse side of the fabric with chalk.  The applique fabric is then basted on to the right side of the fabric from the design on the wrong side ( now that takes some brain power!)

prep appliqueThe applique design begins to emerge as the fabric is cut away and hand appliqued on to the front of the border.  Voila!

applique emergingSo that’s what my brain has been doing this week!  The exercises have been great!  Happy Brain exercising to you too!


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