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Being a quilter and having lots of fabric, a sewing machine and the appropriate tools available, I frequently get pressed into service by my kids of grandkids.  This time it was my son.  The business where he works is celebrating it’s 50 year anniversary, so one of the secretaries decided that they should have a 60’s themed party.  My son sheepishly called me and asked if I could possibly make him some bellbottomed pants.  with some 60’s designs on them.  Having come of age in the 60’s, this project seemed like a snap for me.  Even my husband got into it, supplying the bandana, hat, mocassins and peace symbol necklace.


The designs are appliqued onto the inserts in the pants.  Not having enough pre-notice (they had to be ready for tomorrow) I didn’t have time to do the crewel embroidery on the shirt, so again I resorted to the tried and true applique method.

shirt front shirt backThe clothes were tried on and were met with approval.  Now – – – what to do about that thinning hair line???



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