Water Lilies

“I think that the best kind of change, is the change that comes from the inside and begins it’s way out until it emerges on the outside; a change that is born underneath then continues and spreads until  it has reached the surface.  That’s a true change.  A powerful change. And I have found that while we are emerging, changing into something glorious; it is actually us becoming who we really are.  A water lily is born underneath the water, inside the soil at the bottom of the river or lake.  And the water lily has always been a water lily for that whole time that it was sprouting out of the wet soil, reaching up through the dark water towards the sunlight, stretching and grasping for the surface; where it then buds and blooms on the outside in the sunshine.  It doesn’t bud and bloom on the surface and then try to reach down below into the soil.”  – C. JoyBell C.

This is not my usual MO.  I usually finish a piece before I share it.  But I really like this one.  I love the colors and I love the depth…20130327-012100.jpg

Details of size, etc. will have to wait until it is complete!



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One response to “Water Lilies

  1. mindingmomma

    looks amazing

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