Quilting during a long winter

There’s no better way to spend a long, cold winter than by hiding away in my quilt space.  Whether I’m daydreaming, creating designs or using a tried and true pattern, burying myself in color and pattern make the days fly away.  One of my big projects over the past few months is a pattern from Michele Hill’s book “More William Morris Applique”  http://www.ctpub.com/productdetails.cfm?SKU=10878  published by C & T publishing in 2012. I’ve always been fascinated by the art created during the Arts and Crafts Movement and especially like some of the fabric designed by William Morris.

whole quilt

I used a fused raw edge technique and finished the edges with a double buttonhole stitch. I used a rayon thread to enhance the designs and set off the colors. I mixed batiks and more traditional cotton fabrics. I enhanced the edge with a bright yellow piping. I used a wool batt, which is a dream to hand quilt. It does however have a higher loft, but with the crosshatching quilting I think that it set off the designs.

Here are some close up details. . .
detail3side detail




Size: 64×64
machine applique, hand quilting



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7 responses to “Quilting during a long winter

  1. That is beautiful! I’m still working on my winter project.

  2. Not off the peg

    Truly beautiful, a piece of art.

  3. This is a real beauty. Time well spent!

  4. What beautiful work. I love these designs, and it is something that is on my wish list to do.

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