Sunrise Sunset

After a month of the poorest air quality in the United States, I woke up this morning to blue sky, clear air and could see both sets of mountains from here in the valley.  I went out on the porch to soak up some good vitamin D and take in the wonderful view of the snow covered mountains. It didn’t last too long.  It is now completed clouded over and the snow is starting while the icicles continue to drip from the eaves.

This brought to mind the thought of  this quilt.  The compass/sun is split into opposite corners with the flowers appliqued down the center.  sunrise sunset

So now its back to imagining the sun once again.  I hope the next inversion doesn’t last as long as the last one.  Although staying inside has the upside of letting me quilt and dream!

Finished: 2009

Size: 54×54

machine pieced, hand appliqued, hand quilted


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Filed under applique, art quilt, batiks, hand applique, hand quilting, original designs, quilting, quilting design, wall quilt

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