Drawn into the vortex

This is a quilt made several years ago. I loved the graduated and variegated fabric used as the background for the machine appliquéd fanciful figures. I was reminded of this quilt as I sat with my sister this afternoon as she continues her final journey. She described to me what she sees at night when the lights are off and only natural light is filtering through the room. She described to me a fanciful dog that changes shapes that resides in pile of blankets on the trunk. She described the reflections that appear on the wall from the light filtering through the front door onto the hallway and how the creatures dance and sway. The ceiling fan slowly rotating and creating a gentle breeze carries creatures around the room. The journey of slowly retreating from the reality we have known and existed in is fascinating. Oh, to understand the neurobiology and neurochemistry behind this process. On the other hand, living through the terrible ups and downs are painful for everyone.


As the colors gradually shift, I see my sister’s reality slowly shifting. But by being with her on this journey, we are all gradually being sucked into that vortex of changed reality.

Finished: 2000 for my niece, my sister’s daughter
Machine pieced, machine appliquéd using sulky rayon threads to highlight fabric,hand quilted
size: 54×54
The appliquéd designs are from a book of a noted author, whose name I do not recall, and since I am not at home to look up the name, I will add it at a later date.


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One response to “Drawn into the vortex

  1. Jan

    Nan your photos and stories about the quilts and Jean have me in tears. Having seen many of these quilts up close an in person makes the stores even more meaningful.

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