The Journey

Our journey with cancer began for my sister in 2007. She was so young (54) and had so much going for her. A PhD chemist with a long and successful career in research. A beautiful daughter. We were all stopped in our tracks. I made this quilt for her during her long diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Every stitch was filled with hope and optimism. I was able to spend the last week of chemo and radiation with her to try to buoy her confidence and just to get through that last week.


There were four years of celebration and recovery. The last year has had some major ups and downs. Two weeks ago, the latest round of chemotherapy was stopped because it was determined that it was probably doing more harm than good. What a shock! We were all hoping for another recovery. Hospice is now involved and we’re all trying to find our way on the next part of this journey.

When I got to Ohio last week, I found the quilt that was made with so much hope, laying over the back of the rocking chair in her bedroom. It’s still got all the stitches of hope and optimism, but they look a whole lot different now. The hope now is for peace, lack of pain and a safe and loving journey for all of us…..but especially for my little sister.

Size: 50×50
Machine pieced, hand appliqued, decorative machine top stitching on appliqué
Finished: 2007


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One response to “The Journey

  1. fretbzzz

    beautiful and heart breaking. Love my Aunt Jeanie.

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