Spirit Path

My sister has been battling cancer for the last five years. She has recently been taken off any active treatment and is in hospice. Despite living nearly all the way across the country from her, I have been able to spend quite a lot of time with her. When I am not with her my thoughts often are on the path that we are taking and I can see it reflected in my quilts. This quilt is in a traditional star pattern. American Indians often use the star in this arrangement to indicate the “Spirit Path”. We all are at some point along this path. The overlaid appliqué on the star is also of American Indian design and is meant to suggest the gradually growing blooming of our lives.


Both my sister and I love quilts and we’ve often talked about a trip through Amish quilt country. I went to Aunt Ruth’s Quilt Shop yesterday and came home and shared my treasures with her. I’m afraid that is as close as we’re going to come to our plan….
Size: 72×72
Finished: top finished, layered and ready to quilt! 2012


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