Table topper with appliqué

Tonight was my quilt guild meeting. This year I have the dubious distinction of being the fearless leader! The setting wasn’t great. We had to meet in a gym in a church. The libraries are getting harder to book! However, it’s a great group of people and we make the best of it. No one broke out their basketballs or raquetballs, thank goodness ! We had a local woman, Kerry Green come and share her quilting and design journey with us. kerrystitch. She shared her journey from beginning and traditional quilting to the spot where she is designing wool and appliqué patterns. It turns out that her husband was my boss at one time. What a small world!

This is the quilt that I shared in show and tell.

I purchased the daiwabo fabric a couple of years ago at The Quilt block on a cross country trip in West Des Moines, Iowa. It’s been sitting on my table for awhile but didn’t start speaking to me until this spring. It was such beautiful fabric that I didn’t want to cut it up into little tiny pieces. So with this I tried to maintain the integrity of the fabric design and add a little bit of me to it also!

A friend suggested it would make a good table topper so I layered it with a low loft poly batting. at the meeting tonight she asked if I’d tried it on my table. No… table is a rectangle shape!

Size: 54×54
Finished: 2012
Machine pieced, hand appliqué, hand quilted




Filed under applique, art quilt, original designs, quilting

3 responses to “Table topper with appliqué

  1. Pat S Brown

    My Mom was a world class quilter. She taught for years. .I did learn & only finished 1 quilt. a log cabin in purples. loved making the blocks. hated quilting. I still have boxes of blocks. I hope to make it long enough to at least strip some tops. I love Nan’s original design. Pat Brown Sandy Utah

  2. such an amazing quilt. I love the colors, especially the hint of blue, the coral colors, and the geometry. So cool!

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