Study in Triangles

This quilt started out as a study in triangles. I had this beautiful polka dot fabric that had been hanging around the edges of my consciousness for awhile waiting for inspiration. Having been playing with French Braid patterns recently, I decided to fold 5 1/2 in squares in half when attaching the french braid together. That left one side of the triangle open, giving some texture to the braid.

I made four of these sections and put them together.

Then I added a plain black border to which I had added some prairie points, also free floating. Looking at the bright center, I was reminded of the story of the dryads. Druids taught that tree dryads were created when the first rays of the Sun reached the earth. With their help, it was taught that people were created. So I added dryads to the center of the quilts. These were inspired by the art of Courtney Davis. I put celtic symbols in the corners.

The borders are on, it is layered and the quilting is started. I am using a Superior King Tut thread ( Obsidian) the is variegated black, tan and blue which helps the quilting to stand out a bit from the plain black. Superior King Tut thread

Here’s close to the finished project! A little quilting left to be done. The basting pins are visible! Hand quilting is completed with Superior – King Tut – Ramses Red thread. Superior Threads Ramses red and Shekels, a variegated yellow shekels

So now I think it needs a different title. . .

Size: 56×56

Finished: 2012

Machine applique, hand quilted


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One response to “Study in Triangles

  1. Sis Jean

    The black quilting really really changes the character of the piece . Very exotic .

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